Compare Twitter Profiles

We believe that number of followers does not represent the popularity of a profile. So, here you can compare profiles by the response they get from followers.

We call it a social score, it is the average of likes and retweets based on tweets posted in the last seven days. Check our How it works section for more details.

Popular Twitter Lists

World Political Leaders
These are personal accounts of political leaders around the world. Many leaders have official accounts for their offices e.g. POTUS is the official account of President Of The United States, we have not added it in this list as it is not a personal account. Accounts like this would be added to a seperate list.

Official Acounts of Countries
These are official accounts of countries and their heads. This list is being updated frequently as we keep adding more accounts in this list.

Most Followed On Twitter
These are most followed twitter accounts. Here, you'll see them by their active popularity.

How It Works

Social score is calculated by using data from last 7 days. Considering user's tweets, the average of likes + retweets is calculated.
Social score = (likes + retweets) / tweets

Data from twitter is refreshed once in a day, this helps us with the performance.